CUSTOM DYNAMICS Magical Wizard™ Indian LED Engine Accent Light Kit


Full Lighted Engine Kit – Indian

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All Magical Wizards™ come with 60” wire leads to make installation easier, have a waterproof conformal coating, and are pre-taped with 3M™ adhesive tape for a durable installation

Magical Wizards™ are the next generation of color changing LED accent lights

All LEDs are backed by a lifetime warranty against LED failure

Includes 2 MWZ15 LED strips (11 7/8 " L x 7/16" W x 3/16" D) for mounting under the gas tank

Includes 8 Standard Pods (2-5/16" L x 9/16" W x 7/16" D) for mounting to the frame under the seat, back of the air cleaner, on upper part of frame at the front of the gas tank, and on the lower frame on each side of the oil cooler

Includes 1 Mini Slimline Pod (1-1/2" L x 7/16" W x 3/16" H) for mounting under the horn cover