CUSTOM DYNAMICS Magical Wizard™ Indian Wheel LED Accent Light Kit


Wheel Light Kit – Indian

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All Magical Wizards™ come with 60” wire leads to make installation easier, have a waterproof conformal coating, and are pre-taped with 3M™ adhesive tape for a durable installation. All LEDs are backed by a lifetime warranty against LED failure

Magical Wizards™ are the next generation of color changing LED accent lights

Includes 2 Magical Wizards™ 24 LED strips (24" length) for mounting along the inside of the front fender skirts

Includes 4 Mounting Stickz to allow the Magical Wizards™ LEDs to aim light down

Includes Extra cable, Tie Wraps & 3M™ Promoter Ampule

For all Indian front or rear wheels